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Ancient Hillside Figure

After a week of challenges I took myself off this afternoon and found myself driving towards Wilmington in the heart of East Sussex.  There I took a little time to stop and enjoy my local countryside, which is always a healing experience.  I stood for a while and gazed at the Long Man of Wilmington a figure carved into the hillside.  The earliest record of the art in the hill dates back to a drawing done in 1710 by a surveyor, John Rowley, however it is thought to be a great deal older than that.  No one knows its origins for sure but one quite credible theory put forward by Professor John North was the around 3480 BC the figure was placed to mark the constellation Orion’s movement above it.   If this is correct the figure may have been a symbol of a Neolithic astral religion.




People who practice ‘The Old Faith’ still travel to celebrate around the site of the Long Man and I have to say that the energy of this place is strong.  It is very easy to feel connected here.

“One touch of nature makes all the world kin.”  William Shakespeare

More information here.

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