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Does hands on healing have a place in the modern world?

The link between Mind, Body, Spirit and hands on healing was well understood in ancient civilisations, but as time has progressed, particularly in the Western world, we have lost our connection to it and come to rely, almost exclusively, on Science which dismisses anything that it cannot prove in a laboratory.  The good news is the study of Quantum Physics is a rapidly expanding field and is now confirming what the ancients and ‘holistic’ practitioners have known since man began to roam the earth.

Science has now developed ways of measuring the frequency of energy coming from a healer’s hands and has found that it changes significantly, when the practitioner is working, to a frequency that can accelerate healing.  It is only a matter of time before the other components that make up a successful healing experience can also be measured.

We have all seen highly publicised healings taking place at various gatherings where television cameras have been invited in.  The Healer will lay hands on a person’s head and immediately they are freed from whatever affliction troubled them before attending.  I am not dismissing these, if there is one thing that walking this path for many years has taught me, it is that miracles can happen and to keep an open mind when forces outside of the physical world get to work for and with a person.  However, if you visit a healer from what ever modality or religious persuasion and you are expecting one touch to cure all the problems that you are facing then you may be disappointed.

There are a lot of factors at play that will determine the outcome of any healing session.

  • The first is the practitioner;  it is becoming quite fashionable to call oneself a ‘Lightworker’, most people come to this work with a burning desire to help their fellow sentient beings and the planet that we live in, but some people see it as an easy way to make a living and will pray on peoples’ vulnerability.  It is OK to ‘shop around’ until you find someone who is just right for you.
  • The second factor is YOU!  We live in a world where people want to be able to take a pill to cure a problem rather than make a lifestyle change that would do the same job, sans side effects. We also live in a world where death holds great fear for most and therefore, considerable lengths are gone to in an attempt to halt the inevitable fact that we will all die at some point.  It is worth remembering that we are Spiritual beings having a human experience.  We have free will to walk whichever path we choose, however, we are also here to learn and often the hardest lessons are the best teachers.  Let’s talk about the taboo subject of death for a moment.  If it is your time to die there is nothing that a healer or modern medicine can do to stop this.  Many people learn valuable life lessons from experiencing a serious illness or accident.  Those lessons cause them the re-evaluate the way they live life and the things that are important to them – therein lies the lesson.  People and animals who are terminally ill can benefit enormously from the help of a healer.  Often healing can bring about great peace and when the mind is more peaceful, physical pain can reduce.  This makes the transition from the physical world less traumatic for all concerned.
  • The third is expectations;  Healing can bring about great changes, but it is a facilitator to help you to heal yourself.  Many people feel that if they change just one thing in their lives then all problems would disappear:  “If I change my car / hair / spouse/ house, I will be happy.”  “If I have lots of money, I will be happy.” “If the healer makes my neck stop hurting, I will be happy.”  The fact is there is a light within ourselves that needs igniting in order to be happy and healed.  Healing comes from within.  A healer may be able to stop physical pain during a session, a doctor can give you painkilling tablets, but if you walk out the door and carry on holding anger, grief, upset in a part of your body the pain will come back.  Here is a very simplistic example:  If you suffered from terribly painful wind and you knew that the one thing that caused an attack was eating Brussel Sprouts, there is a very strong chance you would stop eating sprouts!  Keep on eating and the wind will stay!  For many people it is very hard to give up something that they love, whether that is a certain food, drugs, alcohol or an emotion that, whilst it is a negative one, they are frightened how life would look without it.

In these times of global uncertainty ancient healing practices and spirituality are becoming increasingly relevant.  People are beginning to wake up to a new way of being and looking back to the ancestors and their ways is part of this.  Hands on healing is not a replacement for modern medicine, BUT it is a perfect compliment for it.  We now have the best of both worlds and we should be filled with gratitude for this.

Healing can take you deep within yourself and this is where your healing will begin.


7 thoughts on “Healing”

  1. Hands on healing most definitely does have a place in the modern world. As humans, the experience of physical touch can raise and release so many different emotions which in turn impacts the physical body dramatically.
    From a personal perspective, I work deep within the Physical, Spiritual and emotional aspects of a person as this what Ayurveda is about. I am a Buddhist so I have a strong spiritual faith plus the gift of psychic healing however, I don’t believe it matters whether one has faith or not as long as the healing is done with right motivation. Its a very important and powerful question you raised and I’m looking forward to more responses.


  2. Yes I completely agree with you giving and healing are far more important to me to however faith is a very separate thing isn’t it? I really love the posts that you’ve been doing and I wonder do you have a Pinterest account? I’d love to check it out because I love to read about anything related to healing and spirituality


  3. Recently I’ve begun putting together my Top 10 tips to solve those nagging meditation problems. Healing is so important but I’m not sure we always like what we find when we self reflect. We can be far better healers when we ourselves can accept inner peace


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