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Love, Love, Love!

Some weeks my 'Heavenly Hotline' seems to be working on overdrive and this is one of those weeks.  I meditate and guidance floods through, for this I am extremely humbled and grateful. Waking as usual at 5am on Monday in order to meditate before getting on with my day - this little routine is sacred to… Continue reading Love, Love, Love!

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Bringing Meditation to the Masses!

Natural Healing for Life

The benefits of meditation are becoming far more widely known.  However, many people think that you have to be a Guru, Yogi or some kind of serious spiritual practitioner in order to practice meditation and feel its benefits.  The benefits are wide reaching; having a regular meditation practice can help you sleep, reduce physical pain (yes really – me and my mate Arthur (Arthritis) are walking proof), it can help with digestive problems, lower stress levels, improve your position on the ‘happiness ladder’  and as a knock on result of all of these you could find your relationships improving as your mental fog begins to lift and you are able to be calm and rational.

It is estimated that we have between 50000 – 70000 automatic thoughts running through our heads every day, many of these thoughts are negative in nature – those ‘why me, she said /…

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In these times of global uncertainty ancient healing practices and spirituality are becoming increasingly relevant.  People are beginning to wake up to a new way of being and looking back to the ancestors and their ways is part of this.  Hands on healing is not a replacement for modern medicine, BUT it is a perfect compliment for it.  We now have the best of both worlds and we should be filled with gratitude for this.  Healing can take you deep within yourself and this is where your healing will begin.  

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Angels in the Woods

I walk my dogs in a local woods several times a week come rain or shine.  I use the time to feel part of nature and practice mindfulness.  One sunny Thursday morning was a rare treat for me as my grown up daughter called to ask if I wanted to walk together along with my… Continue reading Angels in the Woods

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Do Animals Say Thank You?

I have recently had a spate of wild birds coming right up to me, these birds are all poorly in some way or another.  Some just look done in, some have injured legs, wings or eye problems.  I send them healing, say a little blessing for them and off they go.  Some come back the… Continue reading Do Animals Say Thank You?